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about us

about us

An overview of Al Hamdan & AlAamri Law Firm:
Al Hamdan & AlAamri Law Firm is one of the most prominent law firms, comprising a team of skilled and professional lawyers, who have decades of experiences in multi-jurisdictional issues. Our staff is proudly made up of many lawyers and legal consultants, who are dedicated to providing superior services and coordinating the work of our clientele. Since opening its doors, we have sought to form a team of lawyers specialized in providing consulting services to companies and government and economic sectors, and being aware of the evolution of the commercial sector (economic activity) and its dependence on international ties that are subject to different laws and regulations, we pride ourselves on attracting technical and well-established teams to cover multi-jurisdictional transactions of companies and offer a broad range of sector-specific advice. In short, we are convinced that we

are able to add significant value to your business by providing the following:

  • A team of lawyers specialized in commercial and real estate regulations, companies, finance and labor issues.
  • A deep experience in case management, client representation before all courts, bodies and competent quasi-judicial committees.
  • Collecting amounts owed to you, whether in public or private sectors, by means of negotiations, adjust- ments and friendly understandings.
  • Offering a team consisted of experienced consultants, who are able to accomplish the tasks assigned to them by your company.
  • Offering advices to a wide range of clients namely, startup companies, founders, authorities that offer franchises, banks and financiers, gaining a deep insight into the requirements of each party.
  • Providing commercial arbitration in disputes that require the existence of a legal arbitrator, knowing that we have a cadre of legal arbitrators accredited by the Ministry of Justice.
  • • The ability to use Arabic, English and French.
  • Assigned lawyers will play a direct role and participate in all consulting services.
  • Thinking in a business and practical manner while providing legal advice, taking into account the clients’ interests, their financial policies and business vision.


Global brands, to local Saudi companies and start pilot projects. We provide a full range of legal services to foreign and local clients from various industries in establishing, building and maintaining their presence in Saudi Arabia


We offer practical, flexible and economical legal solutions to companies to a wide range of clients, from global brands, to local Saudi companies and start entrepreneurial ventures. We offer full range


We pride ourselves on providing specialized services in law, as well as high-level counseling services, combining qualified advisors and lawyers that have international expertise and lawyers with deep local roots entrenched in all judicial and commercial areas. Moreover, we