Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution


We take pride in having a team of qualified and experienced lawyers who represent our clients in numerous complex and sensitive cases before all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including General Courts, Commercial Courts, Labor Courts, Enforcement Courts, Board of Grievances, and Bureau of Resolution of Banking Disputes.


To adapt to the rapid economic growth in the Kingdom of Saudi, arbitration is a time-saving, flexible, effective and enforceable alternative mean of dispute resolution.


In H&A we have accredited arbitrators by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (“SCCA”)

We have a specialized team in arbitration who have handled and settled various disputes through arbitration either as arbitrators or representatives of a party.

Amicable settlement:

As a cost-saving and enforceable mean of dispute resolution, our lawyers are capable of handling complex negotiations to reach an amicable settlement. Our team works as mediators to help our clients settle their cases outside the courts. They use their transactional experience to develop practical solutions and workable agreements that protect the interests of our clients.



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